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SF Design Solutions produces high quality, light weight lighting kits for ultra-micro (Umx) R/C airplanes. The kits are made with 3mm SMD's and epoxy coated 30 gauge wiring harnesses. The kits weigh 2 grams and operate at a maximum of 4.3 volts; connecting to higher voltages will destroy the SMD's and void the warranty. SMD's are surface mounted diodes and are brighter and lighter weight than conventional Light Emitting Diodes (LED's).


Custom orders accepted for ultra-micro sized aircraft with an option for 4 or 5 lights in any combination of red/white/blue and green. Email dimensions and color choices. All custom kits are $25 including S&H. All legacy(discontinued) kits are also available but are considered custom orders. All light kits (custom or legacy) come with a nano-jst connector. Y connectors are no onger offered.

Blade 180 Qx and the older Blade mQX kits are interchangebale. The kits come with (2) white "landing lights" and Red/Green Nav lights. All wire lengths are 7". The user will need to splice the kits into the battery leads. Cost is $21 shipped.

***Nano QX kits*** Are no longer sold with a Y connector. The user will need to splice the kit into the battery leads. Sorry for this inconvenience but availability from the supplier has been an ongoing issue.

Nano QX kits have 4 lights (red/green NAV, 2 white landing lights). Each light is on a 4-1/2" wire length and the kit currently comes with a 1S battery Y connector.
<Click Here> for install photos and tips.

Universal 4-light kits come with a Nano-JST connector (fit most Parkzone AR6000 series All-in-one "bricks"). These colors and dimensions include white landing light (5"), green/red wingtip navigation lights (13"), and blue tail light (12"). Kits are designed to plug directly into the X-port of the "All-in-one" receiver.

Blade mQX Night Video!! <Click Here>

Switchable light kits are no longer offered. Flashing/strobe lights are not available.

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